Please come in and enjoy some coffee.

Mama Tomak

Mama Tomak (Picture taken by Alia Kardin)

Relax and indulge yourself in the rich taste sensation of

Amungme Gold.



Our exclusive coffee beans grow

in the four highland Amungme valleys of Papua, Indonesia

namely called Hoea, Tsinga, Utekini and Aroanop.


It is grown from a special variety of Arabica coffee

that has been developed in the Papuan highlands for 40 years

and was introduced to the Amungme tribe in 1998.


Amungme Gold is 100% organically grown

and processed by the Amungme tribe,

fertilized using only nitrogen fixing trees

and natural forest materials,

such as natural mulches and composts.

No imported fertilizers and pesticides are used.


Amungme Gold is an effort to provide means

for the Amungme tribe to enter the world market system

and become self-sufficient in an extremely isolated area.

The coffee trees are planted side by side with food crops

in mixed and multi-story cropping system.


Amungme Gold has a full-body and is slightly acid.

It has a very distinct sweet aroma with mocha flavor and no after taste.


If you are interested in learning more about Amungme Gold

and the exciting story of how it was developed,

or if you would like to order some of our coffee,

please write to

or call us at 62-901-432891, 62-901-432719.